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The Benefits Of Going To The Sauna

Posted In: Health & Wellness

Many cultures have shared the tradition of saunas or similar rooms designed to induce sweat and bring healing benefits. Traditional saunas heat rocks with fire, gas, or electricity, and pour water over them to create steam. That heats the air, which then heats the body. The newer form of saunas, infrared saunas like the ones in Chamblee, GA, provide the same benefits as a traditional sauna, but it’s far more comfortable. That’s because it heats the body directly without heating the air in the room.

You’ll feel better after a sauna.

Not only does the increased circulation help you physically, but it also helps relax you and makes you feel better. If you’ve worked out before using a sauna, you’ll improve muscle recovery. Studies show that using a sauna can improve the production of HGH—human growth hormone. That can increase muscle recovery and function. It also increases circulation, delivering more oxygen and nutrient-laden blood to the muscles, aiding recovery.

You’ll boost your brain health.

You’ll improve your focus when you use a sauna regularly. That’s because it raises norepinephrine levels in a controlled environment. Norepinephrine is a stress hormone that makes you more focused, increases attention, and improves memory. Saunas also increase BDNF—brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It’s a protein that encourages the growth of new neurons and maintains them. It’s in the areas of the brain for cognition and long-term memory even as you age. Studies show there’s a positive relationship between sauna use and the reduction of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Saunas can boost heart health.

Studies show that saunas can help lower blood pressure and provide many of the heart-healthy benefits of exercise. One study showed it provided many of the same heart-healthy benefits as a half-hour workout at the gym. The heat from the sauna relaxed blood vessels and widened them, reducing blood pressure. One study found that using a sauna between four and seven times a week lowered the risk of death from heart disease by 58%. It can reduce stress, which is a factor for heart attacks. Other findings indicated that regular use of a sauna increased cardiovascular elasticity.

  • Sauna use releases heat shock proteins that aid in regenerating muscle tissue. They are also beneficial for improving insulin resistance, protecting the heart, supporting the immune system, and preventing cell death.
  • The heat therapy from saunas improves the functioning of the energy centers of the cells, the mitochondria. That improves the energy produced in the body.
  • You’ll sweat out toxins in a sauna. The body is constantly exposed to toxic heavy metals from the environment. Sweating helps eliminate the toxins. Regular use of a sauna helps clean your body from the inside outward.
  • Saunas can improve your skin, provide anti-aging benefits, and help you lose weight. Regular sauna use increases metabolism, aids in regulating the appetite, and boosts weight and fat loss.

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