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Adaria Griffin

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Thrive Fitness + Sauna Studio is an absolutely amazing atmosphere! Think luxury, comfort, and intimacy bundled into fitness, health and wellness. In other words, an upscale fitness experience that feels like a mini wellness retreat. I usually like to do a good workout (all new high-end equipment and every piece of equipment you’ll ever need!) and hop over for a good sauna/cryotherapy experience. I leave there feeling relaxed, replenished and rejuvenated. The sauna experience itself is amazing, the infrared saunas are very high-end, private and come equipped with an iPad for music, movies, etc. There are absolutely no interruptions and you will honestly feel as if you have immersed into a mini vacay as you complete your session. Definitely worth the investment and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves an open gym concept but without all the traffic and excess noise/distractions. Also, anyone who loves a good sauna experience, top notch! Lastly, just have to mention how nice, welcoming and accommodating the owner and staff are…shout-out to the Thrive team!