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Is Sauna Good For Losing Belly Fat?

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If you use a sauna, you’ll immediately notice weight loss but it doesn’t last long. You’re losing fluid, so when you rehydrate, it returns quickly. You will burn extra calories in a sauna and that can contribute to the loss of belly fat. There’s a bit of a caveat in that statement, too. You can’t spot reduce. When you lose fat, it comes from all parts of the body, not just the belly. That diminishes belly weight loss even further. The sauna does provide benefits that can lead to losing belly weight, so regular use isn’t wasted.

You’ll increase your metabolism with regular sauna sessions.

Studies show that using a sauna two times a week may improve your metabolism. It doesn’t matter whether you experience intense heat or bone-chilling cold, it makes the body work harder by as much as 30% to maintain the body. If your heart is beating faster, you’ll burn more calories. That’s a boost in metabolism. Even though the number of extra calories burned is minimal, every little bit helps you reach your goal.

Using a sauna regularly helps you reduce stress.

Cortisol contributes to belly fat. Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s part of the fight-or-flight response. If you don’t burn it off with exercise, it causes changes in your body that can create belly fat. When you’re under stress, the body diverts blood flow to the limbs, so you have better circulation for running like the wind or punching your opponent. Besides diverting blood flow, it increases glucose production to provide extra energy. If you are chronically under stress and don’t burn off the excess glucose, the body stores it in the abdomen and it forms belly fat. Destressing in a sauna can help you relax and avoid excess cortisol formation.

You’ll feel better and reduce aches and pains.

If you feel good, you’ll be more active. It’s hard to be excited about a walk in the park if the muscles in your legs scream at you with every step. A sauna after a workout boosts circulation and increases blood flow, aiding recovery. It helps you avoid stiffness after an intense workout and keeps you running at peak performance to burn more calories and eliminate belly fat sooner.

  • You’ll be healthier when you use a sauna frequently, so more likely to feel like exercising and less likely to collapse on the couch after work. Studies show frequent sauna use improves the immune system and boosts respiratory function.
  • Improve your workout with consistent sauna use and burn more calories. Studies indicate that frequent use aids in increasing performance and endurance in the gym and on long runs. One small study followed runners and showed increased endurance after 12 sauna sessions.
  • If you have a limiting condition, such as arthritis, it can slow you down and affect your weight. Sauna use can improve mobility and reduce pain to help you move easier and burn more calories.
  • Regular sauna use helps the body detox. That can decrease inflammation. Inflammation can increase stress. Reducing stress lowers stress hormones and helps prevent belly fat.

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