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Is A Sauna Good For Detox?

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The Finns cleansed themselves about once a week in a sauna hundreds of years ago when bathing was an irregular or non-existent activity elsewhere. The saunas were the cleanest place in the village and were used for birthing, washing the dead, purification rituals, and many other festivities. It was considered a place to cleanse the body of more than just surface dirt. Sauna use has changed from earlier days, but it’s still a place to relax and detox. By inducing sweat, saunas help remove toxins from the body.

Most sweat is water and salt, but it also has trace amounts of heavy metals and toxins.

The body is exposed to many harmful substances in the environment. Sweating is one way to remove those toxins, but many are eliminated in other ways, including through the kidneys and liver. A sauna is particularly effective in removing excess salt and also by removing alcohol, aiding your liver by reducing the workload. Saunas heat the body’s core temperature, which also increases circulation.

Saunas affect your body like a cardio workout.

A recent long-term study found that people who used a sauna at least four times a week, up to seven times, reduced the risk of heart disease by 23%. This study followed 2315 middle-aged men and found that after 20 years and considering other risk factors, using a sauna regularly lowered the risk of cardiac death. The more frequently you used a sauna and the longer you stayed, the lower the risk factors for cardiovascular death and other types of death. It had a similar effect to exercising regularly.

Don’t skip workouts, just include saunas.

Saunas can bring many of the benefits of exercise. One of those is reducing inflammation. Inflammation can interfere with other bodily processes, such as removing toxins. Time spent in a sauna, like time spent exercising, causes the heart rate to increase, aids blood pressure, causes sweating, and improves lung capacity. It improves immune functioning and aids in reducing the risk of disease.

  • The primary function of sweating is to regulate body temperature, but it also enhances skin health, reduces stress, and improves circulation. That helps all parts of the body.
  • The relaxation and stress reduction that saunas can offer is enjoyable and you’ll want to return. It provides more than just detoxing benefits. It also reduces pain from injury or sore muscles after an intense workout.
  • Saunas increase metabolism and promote blood flow, which may enhance weight loss. You can add it to your arsenal of weapons to fight weight gain and fat.
  • Maximize your enjoyment and benefits. Always hydrate before entering a sauna and throughout the experience. Always check with your healthcare professional before using a sauna if you have a health issue.

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