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How Using The Sauna Helps With Heart Health

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Many people use a sauna to promote relaxation. That alone is enough to improve heart health. Sauna use does improve the health of the heart in other ways. Studies have shown it helps make many changes in the body that improve the heart. They range from lowering blood pressure to improving circulation. Sauna use can help improve recovery after exercise. That helps you feel better and improves the potential of continuing a program of exercise.

Is using a sauna as good as exercising?

Studies have compared the heart benefits from exercise to those from sauna use and found them similar. One study noted that using a sauna four to seven times weekly reduced the risk of heart disease significantly. As your body tries to deal with the heat from a sauna and cool it with sweat, it causes your heart rate to increase, much like exercise does. That increases circulation, reduces stress, and opens the blood vessels. It’s a process that mimics mild exercise.

Lower blood pressure is another benefit of regular sauna use.

High blood pressure can damage blood vessels and create heart, kidney, brain, and vision problems. It can damage the cells in the artery lining, causing them to be less elastic and limit blood flow. It can also cause aneurysms that weaken arteries and cause life-threatening bleeding if they rupture. While the use of a sauna may provide similar benefits to mild exercise for lowering blood pressure, it provides even more benefits when used in conjunction with exercise. Just 15 minutes in a sauna after exercise three times a week significantly improves blood pressure more than using either separately.

Your cholesterol profile is improved with regular use of a sauna.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that can build up on arterial walls, blocking the passage of blood. There is good cholesterol—HDL–and bad cholesterol—LDL. The more you sweat, the more your HDL increases. The use of a sauna also helps lower overall cholesterol levels. That can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%.

  • Sauna use raises CRF—cardiovascular respiratory fitness. The higher it is, the lower your risk of heart disease and death from heart disease. While regular exercise increases CRF, so does sauna use. Follow exercising with a sauna session to get even more benefits.
  • Studies show sauna use reduces the risk of death from heart disease. One study followed 2,300 people who regularly used saunas for 20 years. They found those who used saunas more frequently had fewer deaths from stroke or heart disease.
  • Stress plays havoc on the heart. Learning relaxation techniques can help relieve stress. Sauna use can speed relaxation and aid heart health.
  • If you use a sauna, start with shorter visits and increase as your body adjusts. Before you use a sauna, always check with your healthcare professional if you have any health issues.

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