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How Can Sauna Sessions After A Workout Help Improve Performance?

Posted In: Health & Wellness

Why should you use an infrared sauna after you workout? There are many reasons to include regular sauna use in your workout schedule. One is to improve performance. It helps to boost recovery after you workout and reduce muscle pain. It increases circulation to help the healing process start and can even provide benefits for your immune system.

After a tough workout your muscles need time for repair and growth.

Muscle recovery starts after a workout. It’s when the body repairs the microtears in muscles and creates more muscle tissue. You need the recovery time for any growth to occur. The deep heat of the sauna dilates blood vessels and increases circulation, sending more blood flow to the muscles. It sends more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to start recovery and boost muscle growth. The deep heat of the sauna causes the release of human growth hormone—HGH. It promotes muscle repair and growth.

Using a sauna after a workout can reduce inflammation.

If you’ve damaged a muscle, your body reacts by starting a process called inflammation. It’s normal and helps keep the body healthy. That’s acute inflammation. Chronic inflammation is different. It’s long-lasting, slows recovery, and negatively affects overall health. Sauna use decreases inflammation. After intense exercise, studies show sitting in a sauna use can reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. It reduces oxidative stress. That also reduces chronic inflammation, aiding post-workout recovery.

You can even boost your weightlifting performance.

You might not think sitting in an extremely hot room could help your strength, but studies show it does. One study showed using a sauna regularly boosted strength and power. Another study showed regular sauna use helped increase muscle growth. It helps with the process of increasing muscle fiber size and cross-sectional area.

  • You’ll improve your cardiovascular performance with post-workout saunas. The heat helps boost endurance in hot environments. Studies show it helps improve the performance of long-distance runners.
  • Besides reducing inflammation, the improved circulation from the sauna, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the body for recovery, also helps remove waste materials from the muscles that can lead to soreness.
  • If you workout frequently, you probably know you need to warm your muscles to increase flexibility. Saunas do that for you. The warmth increases the range of motion, reduces stiffness, relaxes the joints, and improves mobility. The increased flexibility reduces injury to the joints and muscles.
  • You’ll boost your cardio functioning if you use a sauna after your workout. Sauna use can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. It improves the heart efficiency and boosts heart and blood vessel functioning.

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