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Does Sweating In A Sauna Improve Your Brain Health?

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People come to Thrive Sauna Studio in Chamblee, GA because they love how they feel after sweating, out toxins. and soothing their muscles in the sauna. The sauna does more for the body than just invigorate you after a tough workout. It provides many benefits for improved body and brain health. The heat from the sauna stresses the body can boost cognitive abilities and relieve depression. A randomized, double-blind, six-week study showed heat stress, like that from a sauna, improved depression dramatically.

You’ll improve learning and memory when you use a sauna.

BDNF—Brain-derived neurotrophic factor—-triggers the growth of new neurons and synapses that let neurons pass on their messages via electrical or chemical means. It is vital for cognitive functioning. When you use a sauna regularly, it boosts the BDNF concentration. That improves cognitive functioning and memory.

Control stress and anxiety with regular sauna visits.

Just like exercise, saunas induce stress, and like exercise, it’s a controlled stress. That stress helps acclimate your body to become more efficient at controlling hormone levels better. That includes reducing stress hormones like cortisol. Like exercising, the more you do it, the more your body can handle. It becomes more capable of controlling the increasing heat stress and physiological response to stress. That can reduce overall anxiety and stress levels.

Saunas help reduce the risk of brain damage, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Regular use of a sauna can help lower your blood pressure. That can reduce the risk of stroke and brain damage. Several studies have shown that regular sauna use can reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, which include dementia and Alzheimer’s. Saunas increase circulation, sending oxygen and nutrient-laden blood to the brain. It can help reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation can cause damage and play a role in mental decline.

  • The stress from the heat increases heat shock proteins. They direct amino acids to repair cell damage, protect cells from cell death, and repair cells properly. They can prevent cells from improper repair such as amyloid plaque, protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s.
  • Some believe the depression-lifting effect from a sauna is from endorphins released due to heat stress, which causes endorphins to release—think runners high. It lifts your spirits and reduces pain.
  • One study compared the difference between a resting EEG before and after a sauna session once the body returned to normal levels. It found sauna use improved cognitive processing economy, enhancing brainpower.
  • Sauna use can reduce chronic pain and fatigue. It can help reduce tension headaches and the pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Pain reduction can help clear your head and improve cognitive functions.

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