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Benefits Of Doing Hot Yoga In An Infrared Sauna

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If you want to get the benefits of an infrared sauna and hot yoga at the same time, the private saunas at Thrive Sauna Studio in Chamblee, GA, provide the perfect location. Combining these two healthy practices is the perfect marriage to maximize health benefits. There are even double and small group saunas so you can practice yoga with a friend or friends. The combination of infrared heat and yoga provides more benefits than doing hot yoga in a heated room.

You’ll get all the benefits of hot yoga and more.

Yoga detoxifies and provides a cardiovascular workout. The sauna intensifies the workout, elevating the heart rate. It improves flexibility, develops strength, and helps you tone your muscles more quickly. When you do hot yoga in a traditional setting, the room is heated and warms the body surfaces. When you do hot yoga in an infrared sauna, the infrared light goes deeply into the muscles and the soft tissue, allowing you to move deeply into the poses.

Infrared heat warms sore muscles by increasing blood flow.

If you end your workout with a sauna, you’ll improve your recovery and relieve pain. It warms the muscles and starts the process quickly. Infrared heat is more effective since it penetrates the tissues better than any other form of heat. It helps relieve muscle spasms, brings relaxation, and increases flexibility. The improved flexibility is the perfect match for hot yoga or any stretching.

Expect these benefits when you combine infrared with hot yoga.

You’ll boost your flexibility and increase your range of motion by combining infrared sessions with hot yoga. It boosts metabolism, aids your cardiovascular system, and allows you to move in ways you never did previously. The relaxed muscles loosen small muscles in your core, improving core strength and posture. The more you move in a sauna, the deeper the sweat. That helps detoxify the body through sweat. A hot yoga workout in an infrared sauna can also help you breathe easier. It’s a passive aerobic exercise.

  • The infrared sauna and the hot yoga both reduce pain, lower blood pressure, aid asthma and help with weight loss and illnesses associated with obesity. It can reduce stress, arthritis pain, and depression.
  • Drink extra water before you enter the sauna, during, and after your session ends. Have a piece of fruit ready to eat when you leave to replenish electrolytes.
  • Don’t push yourself. Take it slow, especially if you haven’t used an infrared sauna previously. Stop if you don’t feel good. It’s not a contest. If you feel any pain, cease the movement and do a simpler pose.
  • You can also combine the warmth of the infrared sauna with any flexibility workout. The heat helps relax muscles so you’ll get a greater range of motion.

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